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Name: Image_Graph [show source in CVS] (since version 0.3.0dev1)
Status: released; version 0.3.0; devel status
Examples: available on external site
Summary: The PEAR::Image_Graph package allows drawing graphs out of numerical data (traffic, money, ...).

Since version 0.3.0 Image_Graph is based on a new codebase/API by Jesper Veggerby (originally available as "GraPHPite". This decision was made to profit from the rich features the new codebase originally had. Most features from the "old" Image_Graph were then merged in. We'll continue to work on the package in colaboration from here.

Name: Image_Graph (until version 0.2.1)
Status: released; version 0.2.1; alpha status
but superseeded with version 0.3.0 (completely new codebase/API)
API documentation: [here] (generated from source using phpDocumentor)
Examples: [simple1.png] [simple2.png] [complex1.png] [complex1b.png] [stacked1.png]
Summary: The PEAR::Image_Graph package allows drawing graphs out of numerical data (traffic, money, ...). Features include:
  • rawing graphs in various formats (line, bar, points marked by squares/diamonds/triangles/...)
  • multiple graphs in one diagram
  • up to 2 Y-axes
  • flexible Y-value-output-customisation
  • variable ticks for the Y-axes
  • flexible fill-elements
  • grid-support
  • alpha-channel-support
  • ... and many more :-)
Note: Due to an API breaking release of Image_Text in version 0.3 there were problems with Image_Graph v0.2.0RC1. A new version of Image_Graph (v0.2.1) was released, which now interfaces with Image_Text >=v0.4pl1 as expected.

Name: Net_Traceroute [show source in CVS]
Status: released; alpha status
API documentation: [here] (generated from source using phpDocumentor)
Summary: The PEAR::Net_Traceroute package is an OS independet wrapper class for executing traceroute calls. Currently linux and windows are implemented. It's based on the idea of Net_Ping.

Name: Validate_Finance_IBAN [show source in CVS]
(part of package Validate)
Status: released; part of Validate-package since v0.3.0
Summary: The PEAR::Validate_Finance_IBAN class (as part of the Validate-package) provides methods for validating and processing IBAN (international bankaccount) numbers. This includes checking for validity as well as extracting country, bankcode or the bankaccount.
Note: We also actively maintain Validate_Finance as well as co-maintain several other parts of Validate.


Name: I18N_Punycode
Status: not yet discussed for integration into PEAR
API documentation: [here] (generated from source using phpDocumentor)
Summary: This package allows easy encoding / decoding of domainnames into Punycode. It consists of two classes I18N_Punycode_ASCII and I18N_Punycode_Unicode. Please note that only the Unicode-implementation can be called "complete". The ASCII-implementation does only basic conversion is designed for those special cases where no characterset-conversion-extension (mbstring or iconv) is available, and if for example your string just contains German Umlaute. It's strongly suggested that you use the Unicode-implementation if possible.
Note: During improvement of the package for inclusion to PEAR, the proposal for Net_IDNA was accepted. So the functionality of our package is now available in PEAR in NET_IDNA. !!


Name: Services_Weather
Status: pending
Summary: This patch allows Services_Weather to correctly work even through a proxy. It also allows other possible httpOptions to be added if later needed.

[Download patch]

Name: HTML_Progress
Status: integrated in HTML_Progress since v0.6
Summary: The following two enhancement-proposals were written as examples to problems with the progress-bar under Opera 6. These problems result from the fact that DOM-support in Opera 6 was very limited (not to say "crappy") - and maybe also is in other browsers.

[progress1a.html] In this example layers were introducted so that inactive / active progress-cells could be displayed without the need for a correct DOM-implementation. Since layers (which can be switched to visible / hidden) are available in more browsers than the ones that support DOM correctly this way we could make progress a lot more browser-independent. Initially it was written to work in Opera 6, but was also successfully tested in Opera 7 and Internet Explorer.

[progress1b.html] This example is an extension to progress1a. We cleaned up the style-sheet a bit and also replaced the switch-statement in the javascript because it's smaller and it's more flexible (if you want to have a progressbar with e.g. 50 progress cells your JavaScript-switch-statement would get quite large.

These examples were the basis for integration of layer-technique in HTML_Progress >=0.6. But during the works the ideas were extended even further. I like the new, browser-independent framework of HTML_Progress very much ... and it's nice to see these cool examples Laurent created :-) The examples proved HTML_Progress to work fine with: Opera 6/7, Internet Explorer 5.0/5.5/6.0, Netscape 7, Mozilla and Konqueror 3.1.3.